Commercial Door Repair

Commercial door and lock repair is something that we’ve had 23 years of experience to get good at. No matter what kind of door it is we can only find a solution for any problem. Is one of your commercial doors dragging the ground? Or dragging across a frame? Not closing correctly? These are all problems that we solve on a daily basis.

Door repair is kind of a lost art, sure there are people out there that do it but few of them are good at it. Sometimes what happens is when you call someone out to repair your door and they don’t have enough experience you end up paying for their on the job training. After 23 years of doing this needless to say that doesn’t happen with us. We tried to save the doors first and foremost but worst case scenario we’re very well versed on new installations.

Broken Commercial Door
This door has come off of its hinges this is a problem that we most likely would solve with a full surface continuous hinge

As far as our commercial door repair pricing a lot of times it comes down to what the problem is. We repair a lot more than what we end replacing and that saves you money.

Sometimes the only problem a door has is not really even a door problem it’s a door closer problem. Some door companies out there will tell you that you need to replace your door right off the bat.

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