Commercial Wood Doors

Commercial Wood Doors are primarily used when a hollow metal door is not required for lower security and where the elements are not a concern. Wood Doors are available in many shapes, styles,  woods, stains and paints. Office interiors are the most common places for a fine wood office door to be utilized for a good look with a rich decor.

Like anything else made of wood, craftsmanship is very important when installing quality wood doors.   Atlanta Door Company offers quality doors from a variety of quality manufacturers.  You can count on meticulous installation and flawless door operation. Call us for free quotation.

Commercial wood doors shown with lots of different prep options.
As you can see many different options and colors.

Laminated and stain grade doors

We carry lots of laminated door in many different finishes, with or without fire rating. In the world of commercial wood doors Laminated doors may cost a little more than stain or paint grade doors but they are also very durable. Most of which are either in stock or easily available.

Our wood doors have commercial Metal frames

Although the doors themselves may be wood the framing around all of our wood doors is exactly the same framing that we use for our hollow metal doors. So you can expect 20 to 30 years of use and traffic from those doors because of the fact that they do have true hollow metal frames.

One of the benefits of wood doors is that you’re able to custom fabricate unusual sizes quickly. When you an unusual hinge pattern or if the height or width of the door is somewhat off standard. We custom fabricate doors on site to suit your needs. As you can imagine with a metal frame adding deadbolts or additional security is very easy on site. Also matching up pre-existing deadbolt holes is much easier with a commercial wood door. Atlanta door company is a proud supplier of the Ceco door product line