Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal Doors also referred to as Commercial steel doors or steel doors come in a variety heights and widths. Choosing a quality door is important for the application to insure a long lasting good look and functionality.  At Atlanta door company, we have hundreds of choices to provide you with the aesthetic appeal and durability you need. Whether it’s an interior or exterior application, metal or wood product. We can deliver what you need.

Replacement hollow metal doors especially older doors can be tricky. There are dozens of manufacturers making hollow metal doors. Some of these companies have gone out of business. Obviously matching some hinge patterns to an existing door frame can be an issue.  We stock a selection of doors that have been engineered to a multitude of hinge spacing to be an exact fit for your needs. In the event that an exact fit is not in stock now have many ways of working around this problem. Using our replacement doors can alleviate modification to the frame. This not only makes the replacement door look original and new, it reduces labor cost. We install our doors quickly to minimize disruption in the work environment.

Hollow metal doors not only offer strength and added security. They also offer a better fire rating. Hollow metal doors automatically come with roughly double the fire rating. Making them perfect for stairways. When you add a full surface continuous or a full mortise hinge, you can now not only fix small rubs and other little imperfections. You extend the lifespan of a total door installation from the standard 10 years to as long as 40 years. These products are the perfect add on to keep your doors operating smoothly for twice as long.

New hollow metal door installed with full surface continuous hinge