Metal door frame replacement

When it comes to metal door frame replacement, It can be quite costly. We often get the question “why does it cost so much money to change out the frame and the door on a concrete filled frame?” Well in 10 words or less it involves a sledgehammer and several hours of operating it. It’s just one of those jobs that requires absolute 100% human brute Force. It’s like going to the gym and leaving 5 hours later. It is the most labor intensive job in our industry. But hey as they say if it was easy everybody would be doing it.

Concrete door frames also involve a lot of risk. You can very easily get the measurement off one 16th of an inch and the frame and the door that you ordered would be completely incorrect. At that point you already have the old door out. This is why you choose someone like ourselves to handle your metal door frame replacement.

Metal door frame replacement
concrete door frame

This particular job was obviously an inside job. Someone just took a grinder and cut the bottom of the door open. They did this because they knew there wasn’t a motion detector on the inside. Obviously they had to be inside to know this. They knew the door was alarmed but only with a contact at the top of the door. So in short they knew too much for it not to be an inside job. They also knew because of the location of the building no one would have been around to hear someone operating a grinder, even at night.

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