Door Repair Atlanta

When we started Atlanta Door company our customer base was solely door repair customers. We try our best to always try and save a door. Saving a hollow metal door is always a savings but when they’re done they’re done. However, we fix a lot of doors that others think are ruined. Because we did start out the way we did, our go-to is always fix or repair before replacement.

We see a new customer every week. Some of them think a broken door pivot means they have to get a new door. Most people would have no idea who to call when their door closer stops working. We’re that Atlanta door repair company. We are always willing to give a quote although we would prefer to be second. These are the customers that I won’t just get, I’ll keep forever.

One of the largest benefits of having a lock and door company is that we really do both! We’re great at it “even if I do say so myself. “So you really don’t have to call a locksmith and a door company, we do it all. This saves you a lot of time, money and frustration.

Atlanta door repair
Before door repair
Door repair in Atlanta
After door repair

With this particular door it was unfortunately Way beyond what we would consider door repair so we did have to replace it. Most situations are not like this, but this one’s definitely chewed up.

It’s pretty easy to tell if a door needs to be replaced or repaired. If you grab the top of the door and you shake like you’re opening and closing it you can test it yourself. When you do this if the door shakes like a steel curtain it’s toast. If the door is still rigid when you try this the door’s repairable.