When to replace a commercial door

A lot of things can go wrong with hollow metal doors you don’t always need to replace a commercial door. Some of the more common problems with wood doors.

  • hinge screws become stripped
  • veneers start to peel
  • hollow core doors will get holes

Here just a few problems that happen with hollow metal doors.

  • hinge pockets become unwelded
  • rust
  • simple wear and tear
  • holes in the door where multiple pieces of door hardware have been installed incorrectly
  • The main weld that starts at the top of the door. Then finishes at the bottom of the door becomes unwelded.

Often times when we go out to work on a door we’ll find that the door is dragging. They will either drag on the frame or on the ground. This is a relatively simple fix most of the time. We can either simply replace or adjust the hinges. Installing a full surface continuous hinge will keep you from having to replace a commercial door.

Sometimes what was thought to be a door problem is actually either a lock problem or a door closer. In these cases the door is fine. We just simply replace a lock or adjust the hardware and the door is functional again, without having to replace the commercial door.