Commercial door hardware

There are many different types of commercial door hardware. They vary from different types of doors as well. For instance a standard storefront commercial doors typically have one of four different types of hardware.

  • Adams rite deadbolts hook bolts or latches
  • door closers
  • push and pull bars
  • or panic bars also known as rim exit devices
  • And when the storefront door is our double doors normally one door is inactive and held in place with a flush bolts at the top and bottom of the edge of the door.

when it comes to hollow metal doors you normally have either a commercial lever handle with a panic bar. Another option would be a panic bar with no outside trim. Meaning no outside lever “exit only” and then you will have a door closer and of course door hinges. Some people will install a drip cap to keep water from dripping inside the top of the door. Without this eventually it will cause rust inside the door. If it is just a lever install people will also install a latch guard. This keeps people from credit carding the latch in some way shape or form.

Alarming lock hardware can save thousands

Sometimes companies will install alarming exit devices. When someone tries to sneak out with inventory, the theft will alert the store.

Then you have wood doors, which are typically found inside of an office setting. They’re hardware requirements are normally pretty simple. A simple lever handle whether it be entry function, passage function, storm function, or privacy function. Then you just have a standard door closer or no door closer and then of course hinges.

There are of course a lot of other additional commercial door hardware such as large peepholes. These will allow you to see full view outside. They’re armored so that they cannot be broken with a bat. Detex also makes a wonderful product that will allow the door to alarm if it is opened without a key. These work great in warehouses where items have a tendency to walk out the door.

Obviously there are also push button locks. People can install these on all kinds of doors. Lastly, there are proximity card reading locks. You can use these locks with just a proximity card or a combination of a proximity card and a code. Therefore someone can’t just simply copy someone’s code. Nor can someone just use someone’s card without the knowledge of the code.

One of the most popular installs that we do here lately are on storefront doors. Installing storefront doors on pivots is a mistake. Those pivots are normally at the top and bottom of the door and are hardly sufficient. Considering how much use those doors get they just don’t hold up.

“When it comes to commercial door hardware, always replace it with something better”

When they do break and they all will, we install what is called a full surface continuous hinge. Or a half surface continuous hinge. “We will make a dramatic improvement by installing the doors, ensuring they never fail again. The installation of these doors will prevent any future failures, resulting in a significant improvement.” If you choose to just simply replace the pivots you can count on doing it again. Every few years if they make it that long, they will break again.

New hollow metal door installed with full surface continuous hinge

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